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Music Is In Our Soul

Have you ever just listen to a song just felt it take over your entire body? Or just a song that completely changes your mood and way of thinking? Music just has a way to electrify our souls and take us to a place of pure serenity. It doesn’t matter how we are feeling at that current moment. As soon as you put on your favorite song you can completely forget whatever is causing you problems and just relax.

It doesn’t matter the style of music or genre. Whether you love to play guitar, or you are a huge hip hop head and love rap music, or maybe you’re just someone who enjoys singing whenever you get the chance. There is so much versatility in music that no matter what your style is there is something for you.

The love we have for music is amazing. You won’t find anyone that doesn’t love music. In fact, I think it’s humanly impossible. It’s literally the vibration of our souls in my opinion. If you can’t find one song or genre that you love than I think that there is something seriously wrong with you. I dare you to tell me otherwise.

More than just listening to words or someone singing is the ability to play instruments that just highlight the beauty of music. The many different sounds that they make, the black and white differences in noise and artistry is simply amazing. You can simply make music out of anything and make it sounds beautiful in its own way.